Groups, field trips, company picnics

Call 919-303-0339 or 919-244-6947 to schedule your group trip today

Field trips are offered for groups interested in visiting the farm.  Groups include public or private schools, preschools, day cares, senior organizations, businesses and clubs.

Field trips need to be scheduled in advance.  Call 919-303-0339 or 919-244-6947 to schedule a day and time for your group.  


Trips focus on strawberries.  Groups will be introduced to the farm and taught the best way to pick strawberries.  Each paying participant receives a container to fill with their fresh-picked strawberries, an activity booklet titled "Strawberry Time," and a sticker.


Trips focus on honey bees and pollination.  Groups will be taught why we need honey bees at our farm.  Everyone in the group participates in an interactive skit to learn what goes on inside the beehive. Bees in an observation hive are revealed for viewing* with time for questions and answers.  And finally, a small but challenging maze for the younger visitors leads to pumpkins for each participant to take home.

* Bees cannot be put in the Observation Hive if the temperature is below 50 degrees


Groups are invited to visit our farm animals during their time here.  We have horses, goats and peacocks to enjoy seeing.  

We also have several picnic tables in a shaded area to use for lunch or snack time. Running water for hand-washing and a Port-A-Potty are available.